Why power your digital business with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Why power your digital business with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?


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Online sales will represent the most important source of revenue for a high percentage of companies belonging to various economic sectors. Just in the retail sector, e-commerce is expected to generate 22% of total transactions by 2023. It is at this point that having an e-commerce platform that provides guarantees is not only a necessity, but it's also the key to true success.


Given this need, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has positioned itself as one of the best alternatives. You may ask: Why is it the ideal choice? To answer this question, context is vital.  Today, buyers are not only looking for products and services, they are also interested in experiences. However, in their eagerness to increase capital, large companies forget that the user has expectations that become more demanding over time.


Nueva llamada a la acción

Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes everything easier. It allows you to create or strengthen an online store in a specialized, fast and effective way. The secret of this platform is not a mystery, it simply prioritizes and focuses on the main actor in the sales flow: the buyer. Its base is a CRM that allows for building unforgettable shopping experiences according to the needs of each audience.


Customizing practices that aim for possible conversions leads to users recommending the e-commerce that met their expectations, i.e. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is aligned with the 63% of consumers who prefer to buy on websites recommended by their closest social circle.


Commerce Cloud's key features


- It is a specialized platform that facilitates creating omnichannel strategies and is effective because it's customizable and reliable.

- It has a cloud-based architecture, can integrate different sales channels, and provides intelligent shopping experiences.

- It facilitates connecting an e-commerce with other important areas such as marketing, logistics, and customer service, among others.

- It has a responsive and multiplatform design but has great potential in mobile (the channel that provides the most traffic).

- It offers a complete history of the purchases made by the user.

- It allows for categorizing product catalogs.

- It adapts to different languages and to the type of currency that predominates in a specific region.

- Its technological structure makes integration with multiple payment methods feasible.

- It integrates an advanced search system to save time during the purchase.

- Displays the status of each order in detail.

- Allows classifying transactions to analyze user behavior, based on SKU, price or category. 

- It is useful to define marketing automation actions focused on loyalty, upsells, and - abandoned cart recovery, among other points.


These attributes can be considered the software's most important features, but there are others that make a difference. Having a platform that centralizes digital sales channels management is a major boost for businesses. For example, according to Ecommerce Platforms, a study conducted with some Salesforce customers showed that sales increased by 38% after implementing this e-commerce software.


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5 reasons to choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud


According to its market research results, Forrester considers Salesforce's e-commerce solution to be very complete, sophisticated, and even a leader in the sector when compared to other existing alternatives for B2B companies.


The tool's versatility is a definitive factor when choosing Commerce Cloud as an e-commerce platform, a factor that becomes stronger with the following four reasons:


Maximizing transactional results

Customizing the customer experience, improving interaction, and having artificial intelligence collaboration, allow the online store to enhance its processes, adapt to each type of customer, and maximize its performance with the support of the number one global CRM.


External integration for a more robust e-commerce platform

Administrators will be able to integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud with other SaaS customer management and marketing solutions quickly and easily, gaining a more complete view of the business to identify what works, what needs to be strengthened, and what ultimately needs to be replaced.


High-capacity mobile technology

Salesforce understands that mobile is the present and the future, so it offers innovative solutions with a 24/7 responsive design and provides a user experience that revolves around data, and a buying process that requires less and less clicks every day.


Return on investment in less time

If you are new or inexperienced in the digital market, Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to implement and offer your products or services quickly and efficiently, accelerating the commercial and positioning processes to achieve ROI in a short period of time.


Expand your business with flexibility

Expansion is proportional to the e-commerce's performance, that is, regardless of the sector to which your company belongs, with Salesforce Commerce Cloud 99% productivity is maintained, generating greater confidence in the most potential customers.


Break new ground and have the courage to revolutionize your business. This tool contains everything you need. Administer, manage, improve and create the best experiences until you build loyalty, become a benchmark and increase profits by a higher percentage than you have been projecting.

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