Web or Mobile Development? Learn which to Choose for your Company!

Web or Mobile Development? Learn which to Choose for your Company!


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Undoubtedly, digital transformation has involved a series of challenges for brands that have discovered the need to innovate, improve user experience, enable alternative digital channels or be at the forefront in order to stay present in the main means of consultation for a transaction or another desired action.

One of the points that is commonly debated is: web or mobile development? The answer is uncertain. One is not better or more convenient than the other, it all depends on the needs of the company, its digital objectives, how they want to position themselves or how to meet the expectations of users according to their behaviors in the various online channels.


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For the reasons stated above, this section will address some items that should be taken into account when choosing the alternative that strengthens or makes any digital strategy more robust... Take note and power onward!


Web development: Positioning, speed and scalable growth


Web development is a great decision for companies that decide to make a difference with attractive functionalities aligned with new technologies. You may ask yourself: Why choose this option? Here’s why!


- No installation or upgrades required.

- No incompatibility problems between versions, everyone can work on the same one.

- Backups and technical support are centralized.

- The user who administers it does not need to install any additional software. If you want to add a new terminal, just one computer is required.

- The choice of operating system is free.


A web development can be a strategic first step to have a digital presence. It is a functional solution that can reach several key points:


- Search Engine Optimization

- Instant communication of relevant information

- Digital maturity in less time

- Saving effort in implementation issues

- Measurement and tracking of results

- Optimization, acceleration and automation of processes


Designing a web development implies choosing a robust and fully guaranteed platform. For example, in the case of electronic commerce, a powerful option is required that is up to the task in times of high traffic, multiple transactions or dynamics that require highly complex configurations.


Reasons to Choose Web Development 


As mentioned above, the choice is related to the main needs of the business, but if the web development is properly adapted and involved with the brand strategy, then there will be a compelling reason to seek advice and choose a strategic partner that minimizes errors, streamlines processes and ensures a successful end result.


Based on this, it is essential to know the main reasons to choose a web development:


- It’s multiplatform, only a browser connection is required to access the application or website.

- Generally, they are carried out on highly mature and robust platforms, guaranteeing stability and fast reaction times.

- Allows content to be updated as many times as necessary and in a few minutes.

- It may include standard HTML versions, Javascript, DOM, among others, which speeds up the processes.

- Positioning in search engines, which depends on the level of optimization of the web development and good SEO practices that are executed.

- Ease of implementing updates or performing maintenance, although this factor will depend on the complexity of the new functionalities or technologies involved in the website.


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Mobile development: Immediacy, security and innovation


Having a mobile presence is key, in fact it is estimated that in the coming years, more than 80% of online users will make a purchase through their mobile devices, hence the importance of what is known as m-commerce.


The m-commerce or mobile commerce allows direct purchase or other desired action directly from mobile devices. It has been growing exponentially and for e-commerce represents a high value participation, so mobile development has become an irreplaceable necessity.


In addition to this, a customized and well structured mobile development will allow to have potential assets such as applications and functionalities that will speed up and make a transaction more secure, it is an effective alternative that represents less time when executing specific digital actions.


Reasons to Choose Mobile Development


A mobile development must respond to the specific needs of users, guarantee an incredible user experience and optimize navigation as much as possible, which is why the following must be taken into consideration in order to have a presence in this digital medium:


- It must be adaptable, i.e. it must fit multiple platforms to comply with the parameters of mobile application marketplaces.

- The user experience plays an essential role, mobile users want answers in seconds and prefer simple and intuitive navigation.

- In many cases, artificial intelligence and automations must be incorporated, but ensuring proper optimization to make it easier to perform an action.

- Mobile positioning is called ASO, where it is key that the mobile application complies with good practices to achieve positioning in the application marketplaces.

- The user experience must guarantee interactions that encourage user participation up to the monetization process.


In conclusion, the choice depends on the strategic objectives of the business, although having a presence in both contexts will increase the conversion margin, improve brand recognition and achieve an increasingly visible and measurable positioning.

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