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Modern companies have taken the step and decided to migrate their information, processes, servers, and everything that allows the operation to the cloud. There are multiple reasons that make this evolutionary change necessary, among which the following stand out: the costs invested in IT, greater efficiency and performance, strengthened security, and practicality for different methodologies, among others.


According to Amazon Web Services (AWS), implementing a well-defined cloud architecture can:


- Reduce operating costs by up to 51%

- Increase employee productivity by up to 62%.

- Reduce downtime by up to 94%.


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There are several types of cloud migration, depending on the actual business need, its adaptability, the flow that needs to be migrated, and other factors. However, we will mention the most common ones and the way they materialize the migration process:


Data center migration

The focus here is the company's data. The process is relatively easy to understand: the information is migrated from local servers or systems to cloud hosting, which is guaranteed by a trusted technology provider. It is characterized by the safety it provides and the option of professional maintenance.


Hybrid cloud migration

This basically refers to migrating only a percentage of data hosted on the local server and leaving the rest untransferred. This type of migration leverages the local system's resources o and allows for meeting industrial and governmental requirements. They are also useful for creating a cloud-to-cloud backup, protecting the assets that were not migrated.


Cloud-to-cloud migration

Working and hosting the information or assets of a business in different cloud architectures is common practice, in this case where this type of migration becomes useful to exchange data from cloud to cloud safely, easily, and quickly.


Application and central systems migration

Do you still keep your core servers on Linux, SQL, Windows Server, or other workloads? If so, this type of migration is what you need to host in the cloud. Timely execution reduces costs, optimizes performance, and makes IT security less vulnerable, among other benefits.


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Technological solutions for cloud migration

Ya tienes el propósito claro y sabes cuál es el tipo de migración a la nube que debes aplicar, ahora viene el paso sustancial: elegir la tecnología que facilitará la realización de este proceso. En el mercado existe un sinnúmero de alternativas, recuerda siempre inclinarte según tus necesidades empresariales.


En este espacio te explicaremos los beneficios de tres grandes proveedores cloud… ¡Conócelos, analízalos y toma la mejor decisión!


You have a clear purpose and you know what type of cloud migration you should implement, now comes the crucial step: choosing the technology that will facilitate the completion of this process. There are countless alternatives on the market, always remember to choose according to your business needs.

In this section, we will explain the benefits of three great cloud providers... Get to know them, analyze them and make the best decision!



Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

It's a platform that provides an unparalleled experience and guarantees a high degree of efficiency and security in the cloud migration process.

Large companies have tested it, achieving cost reductions, improved agility and accelerated innovation processes.

It improves performance, reduces cost of ownership (TCO) and provides flexible licensing options for workloads located on Windows, SQL Server, .NET and others.

It offers analysis and database services to meet complex needs. Database Freedom is a tool that helps migrate to AWS DB.

- +20% infrastructure savings

- +66% efficiency of staff in administrative positions.

- -45% of incidents caused by vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity filter.

It's a platform equipped with solutions to migrate data, all at once or in portions, hosted in local centers, workloads, applications or other cloud.

It minimizes cyber risks and protects data in your own data centers, hardwares and network cables.

It generates confidence with an infrastructure built for business purposes. You can run services or products used by millions of users without impacting performance, execution speed or cost.

It's functional for migrating applications without making changes to the platform. Also, with Migrate for Compute Engine you can migrate workloads without redefining them.

- +45% operational efficiency*.

- -75% reduction in outages and cyber incidents*.

- +73% agility to create new applications and 100%+ ROI*.

*Google Cloud Anthos figures

It's a platform composed of over 200 features to create, run and manage applications on multiple clouds, in either the local environment or the perimeter.

It provides multi-layer security at all times and the support of an expert team during the cloud migration, making sure to comply with existing regulations.

It works in hybrid environments with great responsiveness, whether in a local center, in several clouds or at the perimeter, integrating solutions focused on hybrid clouds.

It allows you to create open source solutions, adapting to all languages and multiple platforms. You will be able to create solutions as you prefer and from wherever you are located. 

- + 90% regulatory compliance

- 95% of Fortune 500 companies have Azure.

- 1 billion is the annual investment to protect user data from cyber-attacks.

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IT Consulting

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