Acid labs - Five Reasons for Strengthening Cybersecurity with an SOC Platform

Five Reasons for Strengthening Cybersecurity with an SOC Platform


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Cyber threats are more of a risk than ever. Fraudulent activities on digital platforms put users’ confidential informational in jeopardy and endangers their behavior, highlighting the need for a Security Operations Center (SOC) platform, a technological alternative capable of effectively managing cybersecurity operations.

Before explaining the advantages of an SOC, it’s important to consider some statistics that cause concern among online users:


- 1 out of 3 Latin-American companies have reportedly been victims of malicious codes which compromised their privacy

- It is estimated that a cyberattacks occurs, on average, every 39 minutes

- 93% of attacks undermine business assets in a matter of minutes

- Identifying a malicious attack has been estimated to take up to 146 days

- On average, cyber fraud costs companies a considerable amount resulting from: stolen data, compromised infrastructure, ransom and damage to brand reputation


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These conditions prove the need for a strategic partner who can use SOC systems and specialized technology to defend, identify and respond against cybersecurity incidents in the best way possible. Acid Labs understands this issue and is backed by major providers such as CYREBRO.


CYREBRO is an SOC administered online through a central cybersecurity command which focuses on three objectives:


- Strategic monitoring

- Proactive intelligence against possible threats

- Swift response to cybernetic incidents


Benefits of using an SOC for cybersecurity


The functionality of an SOC focuses on monitoring, prevention and risk assessment necessary in any organization. Implementing a Security Operations Center involves a rigorous process that begins as follows:


Step 1:


Defining and establishing a cybersecurity strategy for your business that complies with normative requirements and implementing best practices aligned with your organization’s needs.


Step 2:


Designing a security architecture that will drive the digital consolidation process for implementing the three essential SOC levels within an organizational structure:


Event Management 


This refers to the management of security assets, alert monitoring and classification of threatening events using triages.


Response to cyber threats 


This involves analyzing the cause of an incident, compiling information from different sources, determining the state of security systems and defining possible operational courses of action to remedy the situation.


Cybernetic Defense 


At this point, an expert team will aid in defining solutions by mitigating and amending detected incidents. This will also help uncover future risks in order to anticipate cybersecurity strategies.



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How can an SOC Solve Cyber Threats?


When choosing the ideal SOC, you’ll need the backing of a trustworthy provider such as Acid Labs alongside CYREBRO. An efficient alternative, this will supply a centralized vision for monitoring each security event, incorporates an algorithm for detecting fraudulent attacks and recommends the security solutions needed at a given time.


In addition, here are 5 reasons which prove that implementing a security center is the best decision:


It Enables Constant and Rigorous Monitoring


An SOC lets you control, analyze and visualize your business’s assets to anticipate suspicious cyber behavior in real time.

Quick Response to Cybersecurity Compromises 

This security system can face cyber threats in minimal time, assuring low-level impact on your businesses functionality.


Smart Data to Preempt Cyber Risks 

An SOC is capable of extracting data to produce high-precision alerts through effective information and extraction tools renowned for their efficiency.


Guaranteed SIEM Optimization 

This security center promotes rule optimization and updating new detection technologies that maximize investments into an organization’s digital security.


Forensic Investigation into Malicious Activity

This point is critical in preempting suspected malicious activity and cyber threats posed against business assets. Plus, it’s a significant tool in post-mortem analysis of an attack.

At Acid Labs we implement more effective technological alternatives to assure the cybersecurity of each of our client’s digital assets. Enter and contact us to achieve major goals in the shortest possible time.

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