Check list: Prepare your e-commerce for commercial dynamics

Check list: Prepare your e-commerce for commercial dynamics


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It’s true that with the expansion of e-commerce, there has been an increase in threats. It’s important to highlight this aspect in order to prepare your e-commerce for any imminent threat and develop your own online community during commercial dynamics you choose to get involved in. 

According to the International Economic Forum, cybercrime has reached 6 billion dollars worldwide. In Latin America, trust in digital safety is one of the most common regional barriers to electronic commerce growth. 


Most people’s biggest fear is cybercrimes, in this case, online sales don’t seem safe and could be vulnerable to information theft or other types of fraudulent behavior. This causes distrust in people who seek to purchase an electronic commerce service.

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The solution to this issue is to configure a data validation and control system, that is, usernames, passwords, and two-step verification that is checked through an app or email. With this strategy, you are able to control each person’s individual information and put up a barrier that prevents information theft. 


However, cybersecurity is not the only issue. It’s also important to keep in mind that when launching an electronic commerce website, one must ensure that their clients have a quality user experience that stands apart from the rest. 


The development of a stable infrastructure and navigation that catches the user's attention and ensures security is essential. This means that every e-commerce website requires constant administration, including a launch checklist to verify that the entire site is working properly and that all pages look good.


Here, we provide a brief but functional check list to guarantee your e-commerce’s operability:


Point to keep in mind

Do you have security certificates?  ✔️ |  ❌

Do you have reminders that inform each transaction’s safety?  ✔️ |  ❌

Does the email sign-up form appear on every page?  ✔️ |  ❌

Is there a legal information link?   ✔️ |  ❌

Is there a link to a privacy policy?  ✔️ |  ❌

Do your discounts get applied correctly to each purchase?  ✔️ |  ❌

Is your e-commerce’s speed optimal?  ✔️ |  ❌

Do you have a link that provides information about returns/exchanges?  ✔️ |  ❌

Do you have sufficient storage capacity?  ✔️ |  ❌

Is your purchase process being carried out successfully?   ✔️ |  ❌

Is the product inventory correctly defined?  ✔️ |  ❌

Are payment methods working correctly?   ✔️ |  ❌

In general… is everything in its place?    ✔️ |  ❌


This verification is intended to make the user's navigation on the website easier and allow them to access the information in an intuitive way. In a similar way, the web design must be clear, attractive, and generate confidence for the client, otherwise, there is a risk of abandonment or bounce and visitors will prefer to look for another alternative.


Online commerce has grown stronger in the past years thanks to the impulse during the pandemic and the immediacy the customer is looking for when shopping. This is why it’s important to highlight that additional or interesting content helps stand out from the competition and makes search engines interpret your e-commerce accordingly. 


On the other hand, a key tool for your online commerce is your shopping cart, as it groups all products in one order, generating an easy process for users when purchasing. Because of this, as part of the checklist, you should make sure it’s working correctly and that the user will understand it easily.


There are other recurring requirements that are highly important for your e-commerce:


Investment: If you have an inventory for the site's online shop, it's important to invest both in money and time, to be aware of new products, upload photos of those products, answer questions or complaints and other details that require attention and dedication.

Suppliers: In order for eCommerce to grow and continue in its maturity process, it is important to have specialized suppliers that support you and guarantee the stability, security, and proper functioning of the online store.

Additional costs: As with any business, you must have an additional budget to pay extra bills such as accounting, taxes, commissions, and transfers generated by banks and payment gateways.


Finally, it is important to emphasize that e-commerce has become the basis of the business model for many brands, as it has revolutionized traditional commerce by offering customization and convenience to users. This is why you must keep these guidelines and reviews in mind to ensure a unique shopping experience for your customer.

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